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    I know that there are some "true" Treo geeks out there, and I consider myself a "power" user of it but not sure If I am at geek level yet. Reason I say this....for Palm to release the beautiful Treo Pro as unlocked only was not a good sales move. I know that Palm, the company, is hurting against those Canadians, but releasing a $550 smartphone can turn away your average, power user of Treo's (that would be me included), which I think it has, thus not making a "quick buck" with a $500 phone.

    The Centro has been their big winner thus far, mainly because it's affordable but smaller with a QWERTY keyboard. For us veteran users of Palm devices and the Treo, releasing the Pro at full price can't be cost-justified. I really hope Palm is working on an AT&T version of it soon. If the Pre ends up at AT&T first, I'm going with that. I like the Pro and Pre (so far), and both seem to have exactly what I want/need. I currently own a Treo 680 and also carry a Treo 750 for work. I really like my 750, and the Palm OS just doesn't cut it anymore. I hope the webOS does.
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    Unlocked makes good sales IF of course there is a subsidized version available.

    But yeah, something happened here with Palm and the carriers. I think it was too little, too late. Here in the U.S., Verizon and AT&T went with Samsung (Epix/Saga) as a Treo replacement. Did those carriers get a better price? Better deliveries?


    But Palm's strong suit used to be carrier approval. Nearly 6 months later an only Vodafone has it (just business channels) and Sprint is launching it soon, with little interest. Yet the Centro is in 25 different countries and on 20+ carriers. HUGE difference.

    Shame. It's a decent phone for them. Then again, with the Pre on hand, Palm has probably less interest in WM.

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    I'll only buy unlocked phones anymore. No long term contract! It's month to month with TMobile.
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    I bought the unlocked Treo Pro just to get a Pro. I already had AT&T service. Just inserted the SIM card and away it went without a hitch. AND I didn't get a lot of service provider crap preloaded. I LOVE IT!!!
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    That's the thing...there is no subsidized version of it, releasing a new product model that has the wow factor and ONLY having an unlocked version isn't good business sense for a company struggling in the smartphone market. It was more of a desperate move. I'm thinking the other carriers have been losing interest in Palm due to the many other, promising smartphones out there from Samsung and Nokia and that could increase their membership bases.

    Let's hope Palm comes out with carrier versions of the Pro and Pre to stay in the game.

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