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    In an effort to save someone else some grief, the screen from the Treo 650 which is 320x320 does not work in a 700wx. I wish that it did as everyone knows the 700w or 700wx is only 240x240. I didn't find any info on the net of anyone saying they'd tried and it did or did not work, so I'm posting this for the benefit of the rest of the net. I would like to have a windows powered 320x320 device on verizon, but one does not exist. I am running WM 6.1 as well, so I am pushing the aging 700wx a tad and running it at 416MHz always with the 3200mah seido battery powering it more than long enough while overclocked. Anyway, whether or not the verizon radio can be used in another device - like an 800w - remains to be seen.

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    The samsung saga is a 320x320 device available from Verizon, so that's another option.

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