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    What is the best GPS software for Treo Pro that works in South America? Telenav?

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    I use google maps and is free, it also works in Nicaragua so I'm sure in South Africa it will work. Google has access to almost all commercial sattelites with this mapping imaging technology they use and in composition with a GPS phone like the Treo Pro it should work well.

    If you want 3D application, try like Tom Tom, but you will have to pay for the software.
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    Thanks! I ended up using Garmin, working well, I needed to get extra tracksource Brazil maps for accuracy.
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    WLS works good, and is free

    Visit on your phone:
    Just call me Berd.
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    Thanks, but link is broken...

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    No it isn't.
    You have to access it from your treo.
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    Ooops Thanks. Wil try it out.
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    Its really cool but not available for my country...

    So Ill stick with Garmin.


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