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    Dear friends,

    Is there a way to setup specific 2 Wifi connections and configure it so that 1 has preference over the other and auto connects (auto connect I seem to have figured out using a specific setting to make it always on and not by keypress)?

    I noticed Wifi has preference over 3g (which in my case connects upon request of programs).

    Thanks a lot,
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    Does anyone know this? How to control order of wifi networks in my Treo PRO?

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    A post I put on Palm forum, nobody seems to know

    Re: Treo Pro Wifi preferences - Software - Community Help Forums


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    I don't see a way to do it. It seems to autoconnect to the first one it finds that's on the list.
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    Thanks, Holmes. Always the same first one? It seems to change, I guess i might not have been able to connect to first, then connected to the second 1.

    What about 3g, it has preference over wifi?


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