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    Quote Originally Posted by VibrantRedGT View Post
    He signed up for a new contract so it won't cost him 3-5 times more in price for the Treo Pro. If the 800 is $249 with a 2 year contract then we all know the Treo Pro will right around there. Hell he can get a new one off Ebay for less without signing a contract. If he is buying it outright then yes he can save some dough. He is still under the 30 day trial. However he did exchange for the Centro so it's unclear if he can switch to the Treo Pro.
    The 800w is $199 with a new contract right now. It was $249 originally, but the price has dropped.

    Rumor is that it'll drop down to $99 (and then down to $49.99) when the Pro comes out. That's what one person posted who "heard from a friend who works for Sprint".

    If it's true (and it may not be), then you could easily save $150 to $200 between the 800w and Pro.

    If you're happy with the 800w, what would be the purpose of paying $200 more for a phone that works the exact same?
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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnH59 View Post
    There's no need for the continuing bashing of any of these products. .
    there are one or two or three people who think all the criticism, the poor reviews, 95% of the people on cnet with complaints of battery life etc, are "bashing" the phone.

    you have people who like the phone but had to return several times for other problems pointing to quality control issues that may not have affected your 800w as well.

    What is next -- accusing Sprint and Palm of bashing the phone by bringing out a follow on so quickly?.
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    What I find interesting, is that some take anything said unfavorable about a device as if it is a personal strike against them for having it.

    Of course, if something is said critical about non-Palm devices, never is it said that the criticism should stop.
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    The problem, guys, is that this thread started as a simple question about whether or not there were any valuable updates for the treo 800w and it yet again got steered into a discussion about the viability of returning it, whether it was a good device, etc etc.

    Obviously talking about returning/upgrading is somewhat relevant to the original topic, but as you can see from the direction the thread took that it quickly took over as the main topic and also veered into somewhat personal territory.

    I'm not infracting anybody, but I'm closing the thread and once again giving notice: taking threads off topic for YET ANOTHER discussion of issues like "returns for free" or technical slap-fights about GPS will result in warnings, infractions, and bans.
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