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    With a bunch of letters and numbers in the body..

    Ideas on what this is?

    Happens about 5 times a day - extremely annoying.

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    Sounds like a URL spam text message to me.
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    Try replying with the word "stop" in the body of the text message.(without quotes)
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    Does it have "BREW" in it? The included OZ messenger program uses SMS messages to communicate. Try logging on to OZ messenger then logging off.
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    my vote is incorrectly working instant messenger or sprint push mail. Either of those sends odd sms' that only show up if they're not properly being intercepted by the program.
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    Just block them.

    1) Login to your account at
    2) Click the link "Block Text Messages" or paste into the address bar
    3) Enter the number that you want to block in the box and click "Save changes".

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