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    Hi everyone,
    I just got my 800w and overall I'm very happy with it. However I sleep like a bear and I need an app that will nag me when I have an apointment untill I dismiss it (like butler for plam os). Can anybody recomend any app out there that will constantly nag.alert me untill I dismiss it.
    Thank you and I look forward to exchanging Ideas with everyone.
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    Try gAlarm. Works wonders for me (I'm the same way).
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    Thank you will this also nag me with my calender alerts too
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    No, it's an alarm only.

    You can try TreoAlerts for notifications (calender, sms, etc).
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    thank you for the suggestion.
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    I saw some where that there is a software that allows you to run plam os software. any suugestions I really like butler. Thank you everyone very much I'm sorry if I sound silly I'm just new and very lost here.

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