I've got a weird one. I'm sure there's a setting somewhere I'm missing, but I installed ThrottleLauncher (which was unfortunately incompatible with the 800w out of the box), fiddled with it, and eventually ditched it. Before I did, though, I set my Today screen back to the way it was.

Now, whenever I receive a call, rather than giving the typical popup that shows the person's name and face, no dialogue appears. In addition, there's no indication on the today screen that a call is currently connected (with the exception of "Sprint" changing to "Call in Progress"). It no longer lists the call as one of the items on the today screen. If it does list it (which is does occasionally if you click around) it does it OVER the carrier listing.

And idea how I can fix this without a reset?



P.S. Additionally, in my travels I stumbled across Qik.com, which has a neat little live video streaming program that works swimmingly on the 800w... it's so tough to find programs that just work, I'm always delighted when one crops up.