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    This problem has plagued me since the treo 700wx days.

    It seems like about once a month, I can't send email anymore. I'm using standard gmail imap. Is there a fix for this, b/c the only fix is to remove my accounts and start over again.
    I can always receive emails, but then if I try to send it gives me an error that my message can not be sent.
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    There is a fix. See the first thread in this forum called "FAQ - Read First"
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    Hey guys I too am having a problem with Gmail and 800w lately where it keeps telling me my user name and password is incorrect. I have:

    Tried switching from pop to imap
    Deleting account and starting over
    Installing the above mentioned patch
    Resetting device
    Making sure both pop and imap are enabled in gmail

    It just started acting screwy about 3-4 weeks ago and seems like it connects whever it feels like it.

    Any ideas?

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