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    Hi, any help would be greatly appreciated!!
    My dog ate my Treo 755

    So when I went to the sprint store I ended up bringing home the 800 instead. I have all my contacts from the 755 on my palm desktop but am unable to sync the 800 with it Does anyone know a way??

    Thank you in advance
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    No WinMo can only Sync with Active Sync pre vista and Windows Mobile Device Center - Vista and forward.

    Both need to be downloaded for support.
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    Thats what i was afraid of Thank you though.
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    Here is a great solution for moving your data from the Palm Destop to Outlook.

    The free way to do it would be to get another Palm OS device and sync it to your Palm Desktop then go into the HotSync conduit options and select the option to sync to Outlook.This will migrate all your data for free.
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