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    One of the things I envy about my coworkers iphones and Storm is their ability to get email in HTML format unlike the Outlook on my Pro. I end up saving HTML formatted emails for when I get to a computer.

    Is there a way to configure Outlook to display HTML email? I use an Exchange server so I'm not sure I have an option of using a different email client.
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    IIRC HTML e-mail requires exchange 2007.

    Not sure why BB/Apple got to implement it for 2003, possibly because they're an extension rather than natively supported.
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    Checking to see what version we are running, pretty sure it's 2003.
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    Yep, 2003. So, there is no way?
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    Not natively, no.

    Get them to upgrade to 2007.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ebag333 View Post
    Not natively, no.

    Get them to upgrade to 2007.
    We only have a dozen users and my IT guy said NFW, cost too high and lots of other reasons.

    Any other options? It seems getting a different phone would be way cheaper. Too bad the Pre is CDMA. I'd get an unlocked GSM one in a heartbeat. No way I'm giving up my free agent status for a contract, and certainy not with Sprint. Their backbone here blows. If it were Verizon I'd think about it. But I like the option of taking my phone out of the US.

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