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    I was wondering if anyone knows how to access the task manager quick menu w/o being on the today screen. I am considering handyswitcher but won't need it if I can get to the quick menu from anywhere.
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    Press control + ok buttoms.
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    that doesn't do it for me. that brings up the task manager but not the "quick menu" that is normally accessed by tapping the icon in the top right corner.
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    Oh I get it, that will not happen, unfortunately you have to use your fingers to access that quick menu. I use the built-in task manager found in the windows root directory, I then transferred a shorcut to windows\start menu\programs where it can be access by changing the "control" + "ok" buttom shorcut.
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    oh, i'll try that.
    I don't mind using my finger, but I can only see the icon from the today screen.
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    That's the only way, that task manager was designed by HTC, they threw in their .02 cents on this Palm Pro design.
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    Ok. I tried the built-in task manager and it seems to work for me. Thanks for that info.

    Now, slightly off topic...
    The communication manager task is not in the list after a soft reset, but after I use it one time it shows up in the built-in task manager even if I've closed it with the "x". If I close it with the task manager then it seems to be really gone.

    Any idea on this one? I guess it's not a problem. I just thought it was kinda strange.
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    I don't think that's a problem at all. You can also use the built-in Comm Manager by renaming the link the Pro uses to retrieve it via a registry tweak out there. I prefer the built-in ComManager.
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    Yes, I'm using the comm manager on the today screen and it seems fine to me the way I'm using it.
    Thanks for your help.
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    No Problem.

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