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    Hi everyone...

    I've been having a problem that as far as i know hasn't been completely addressed.

    I installed some software on my phone and after using it for a few days i decided that I didn't want it anymore. I know to go to Settings > System > Remove Programs to remove the unwanted program. Unfortunately, after I delete the program an icon (these are dead .exe icons) still remains in the program menu. Does anyone know how I can remove these from the menu?

    As always, thanks for your help.

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    Use File Explorer to navigate to \Windows\Start Menu\Programs and you should be able to delete them there.
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    Hey there,

    Thanks for the advice. I tried deleting it through File Explorer like you suggested but the icons are still there.

    Any other suggestions...?
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    Hannip's suggestion should take care of those pesky icons.

    When you say you "tried deleting it", what happened? Did you get an error? Were they not there? Have you tried soft-resetting to see if they disappear?
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    Thank you to you both. I deleted the folder that was there which did't completely take care of the problem. I went back and was able to locate the two icons and delete the and it worked after a soft reset.

    Thanks again....!

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