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    I have Spb Mobile Shell installed on my 800w. I currently have 3 email accounts configured (Gmail, hotmail, and my home email). On the now screen, the email notification constantly shows 4 email messages. I've deleted all my email (inbox, sent items, deleted name it) and still, it shows 4 emails (as a notification). I reset the device and its still this way.

    If I recieve new email, the numbers go up from 4. In other words, if I get 1 new email the notification on the now screen will display 5.

    Is anyone having this issue? Am I missing something? The voicemail and text messaging notifications clear when I've viewed/listened to them...I just can't get the stupid email notification of 4 to clear.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    I don't think there's a fix outside of the normal troubleshooting process. I'd try (in order) toggling from mail to now a few times, soft reset (mobile shell makes that easy), remove/reinstall mobile shell. Please post what works.

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    Well, it was an all nighter but I finally got it fixed. Probably not the easiest solution, but here's what I ended up doing to fix this damn thing.

    1. I deleted 1 email account at a time then did a back up (each time), then did a hard reset and recover. Did this 3 times as I did this for each email account. End worky!

    2. Hard reset

    3. Renamed the deviceID to the same as previous

    3. Installed only the software that I use/like (great opportunity to flush the system eh?). I save all downloaded software/fixes to the microSD card.

    4. Performed a sync (amazingly, my old files folder re-appeared on the Desktop and I was able to salvage all that info as well).

    5. Added the email accounts back 1 at a time

    6. Whallaa! Done!

    It was more work than what I wanted to do, but I've got it setup just like I want now. I also have the peace of mind knowing that it is back to a more normal state (I haven't hard reset in over 5 months).

    7. New backup

    The now screen in Spb Mobile shell is now working like its suppose to.


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