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    well, u put my heavily used and abused palm treo 700wx for verizon in the washing machine a few weeks ago. i had insurance on the phone so i claimed it and got a brand new one 2 days later. Anyway, there has been 0 issues with the phone until tonight. friends would call me and i'd pick up but they wouldn't be able to hear me. i then would return the call and the same thing would happen. i was with my girlfriend so she called me and i tried everything possible to have her hear me but nothing i did would make it work. what could be the problem? why would i be able to hear them but she not hear me? i did notice that i can hear myself when i talk into the phone, though
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    I had the same thing happen to me on several different occations. all were different problems. the first time was verizon. after this went on for a day I called then and they said there was a problem in the network. It work after I hung up. You can try to update your tower info (*228, option 2). the second time this happened it was dirt/dust/pocket lent in the head phone jack. simply blowing it out fixes that. also you will notice problems hearing the other party if this is the case. and finally, this last time (this past december) it turned out to be the mic itself being shot. so I insurance a new phone too, since the old one was out of warranty. if its your mic that goes bad, your wont be able to recorrd any voice notes. to test this. open notes. start a new note. choose menu. then view recording toolbar. then rec. stop and listen. to test the headphone jack hook up a wired headset, if it works try plugging and unplugging. if it still work with a headset in... but you cant record without it. then your mic is probably bad. but your new treo should be under warranty.

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