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    I'm currently a Palm user (Treo 700p) and am planning to upgrade to the Treo Pro (most likely) or possibly a Palm Pre. (I realize there's probably almost no info about Palm Pre's current capabilities, but it's prudent to mention that I have my eye on it). I don't know much about Windows Mobile app capabilities yet.

    One of my bigger requirements is to have the ability to export text entries from the phone into CSV format. Bypassing the need to sync first would be a huge plus (e.g. card reader etc.) but is not essential. The exported file itself can have either .CSV or .TXT extension, doesn't matter, but the file must be comma separated.

    What's my best bet? I'm looking to make the process as seamless as possible, because it's very likely I'll be syncing anywhere from one to three times per day.

    (Incidentally, I checked out an online OneNote demo and it talked about export features in its built-in Help but appeared to lack the actual feature).
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    It's got Pocket Excel.
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    I actually thought about using Excel but should have clarified better that these will actually be notes. An ideal scenario would involve me using a simple note-taking app (or MS Word if necessary), save some individual notes as separate documents, sync, invoke some sort of bulk-export-to-csv function, and I have one CSV file per note taken on the desktop computer. One file per note would be preferred. If I have to do that using Excel, that might be acceptable, but I'd much prefer something that feels a little more like a standard word processor or basic text app.

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