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    There is an option in the Treo Pro dialer - press the green button and get a list of recent calls - then press the Menu button and select Save to Notes.

    According to the manual, selecting Save to Notes will "Create a note containing the phone number: Press Menu (right softkey) and select Save to Notes."

    But when I try it, I get a blank note. The note name contains a number sequence that seems to indicate the time, but not the date, the note was made.

    Am I missing something? I have been looking for an app that would save the call details and allow me to annotate them. I need the info related to the calendar (date/time of call) rather than to the person I spoke with (who may well not be in my contact directory).

    This function seems to be all I'd need - except I seem not to be making it work as the manual says it should.
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    I haven't played with it too much, but mine functions exactly as you describe. Strange...seems easy enough.
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    To save the call info/time you have to open a note either during or immediately after you hang up a call. The OS gives you a couple of seconds to start a note after hanging up and will automatically time stamp and record the tel no, you can add additional info to the note with both text and graffiti (ink drawing), love that feature.
    You can't generat a note with the same info after you hang up, from the call history.

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