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    Hey m8s I'm lookin for a cab file I found here a while ago. It makes the End Call Button turn off the screen like the 700p & 650 did. Right now the end call button closes apps (well sort of) until you get back to the Today Screen then it turns off the screen. I've looked through a lot of threads & did a search. Problem is that I can't remember the name of the cab file or how made it. TY in advance for any help.
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    This is a registry edit- sounds like someone cabbed it up to make life easier.

    You can search the registry tweak thread and do it manually if all else fails.
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    I kept the fix in a text file:

    To change the red phone key back to the same functionality as the 700WX (i.e. pressing red phone turns screen off instead of going to home) Change the following Key


    EndKeyAsHomeKey from 1 to 0
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    Ya it was cab up. I think by Zbop, not sure though. I'm only about 2 mths. in to this windows mobile thing so some registry hacks still give me the shakes. This is an easy one. LOL TY m8's.

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