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    I've noticed a significant reduction of posts, activity, and old threads on this 700w/wx forum lately. Where did everybody go? iPhone? Treo Pro?

    Seriously, I've been pushing my Verizon 700w beyond its limits for a long time now, and since its provided by my employer, I'm wondering what my options are for an upgrade. Do I go with the 700wx, knowing that I'll probably be stuck with that phone for 2 or 3 years and Verizon is currently offering it "while supplies last". Most of my co-workers, including the president of the company, went from the 700w to the iPhone, apparently giving up the company provided phone from Verizon. I'm afraid I'll have to change phone numbers since the company technically owns it, to switch to my own plan on AT&T. No doubt I would go to the Treo Pro if Verizon had it. I just don't see anything on their website that I want.

    Am I missing something? Any suggestions?
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    If the rumors are true, a Verizon Treo Pro is a loooong way out.

    If the rumors aren't true...well...then you might as well forget it.

    Supposedly by the 25th, the Treo Pro will be on Sprint. Even if that happens, it's likely to be a while before Verizon carries it.

    With Verizon's big BB Storm push (and deciding not to go with the 800w, not once but twice), I honestly wouldn't be holding my breath...
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    I still have my 700wx for Sprint. It is my back up device or the one I use when I need to work outside. So I still frequent here for tweaks and info. This device came out in late 2005 so its 3+ years old, many have moved on by now. Not many hold the same device for more than 1.5-2 years time.
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    Holiday season also slows things down...all forums are a bit light these days.

    Few releases, updates etc.

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    I went with the Saga on VZW. I still have my 700wx, and about every other week I switch ESN's and update it from my Exchange server, just to make sure she's still rockin' Ebag's WM6 ROM (which is still a darn good ROM btw). But it was time for something new, and after "new every two" and an extra $50 for being treated badly at a VZW store on "Storm-Fest" day, the Saga cost me $50. I'm loving the WiFi. Right now I'm in the middle of nowhere SW PA at my ski condo. There's no ISP here at all. But with my Wilson amp and my Saga (and WMwifiRouter) my laptop is cruising along with some pretty decent speeds:


    Download Speed: 800 kbps (100 KB/sec transfer rate)
    Upload Speed: 329 kbps (41.1 KB/sec transfer rate)

    I did this last weekend too and my brother-n-law decided not to use his Sprint card (it was roaming here) and tap into my WMwifiRouter network. He downloaded over 6 gigs of games. I'm waiting on the VZW termination letter :-)
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