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    Sorry if this is a repost but is it true that Sprint is going out of business and T-Mobile is purchasing it? Some a-hole sales rep at a T-Mobile store told me that today. He treid to get me to switch from Sprint to T-Mobile.

    Which is better CDMA or GSM?????????

    Why not just buy the unlocked GSM Treo Pro if GSM is so good? (T-Mobile rep) No more CDMA towers in the US due to air traffic controllers???? What is this guy talking about?
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    Pretty poor sales technique.
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    Not that I heard. I don't see why a GSM company would acquire a CDMA company as their networks are incompatible. T-Mobile wouldn't gain anything from it.
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    Talk of T-Mobile and Sprint merging is a very old rumor, that was simply a proposal by a stock analyst, that they merge to give T-Mobile a boost.

    Regarding air traffic controllers and CDMA. There will be CDMA towers as long as CDMA wireless carriers can keep themselves afloat. The survival of Sprint's CDMA towers depends on Sprint's ability to remain a viable company, no federal efforts are under way to do away with CDMA towers. If the airline industry does anything with CDMA or is doing anything with CDMA, it would/does not interfere with Sprint. Here's a 2002 IEEE paper someone wrote about the airline industry moving to CDMA and even in that abstract summation they note how they would ensure it does not co-mingle with cell signals.

    I know salespeople can embellish things a bit, but that T-Mobile salesperson was off the charts. I'd probably complain to T-Mobile about their salesperson's tactics, I doubt the management of T-Mobile approves of such. Might keep that salesperson from keeping that type of behavior up.

    Before the GSM carriers upgraded for 3G, I used to assert that CDMA was better and able to carry more data. But today, you'd just want to look at the plans carriers are offering and if the given carrier has coverage in your area. And that would be why we who are with Sprint use Sprint. I know AT&T oversold their network space in some areas once the IPhones hit. People were using data to the point there were complaints about things on AT&T being slow in some areas. But AT&T as far as I know has been working to improve things in that regard.
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    Those type of sales techniques can actually get someone in some serious hot water. I'd talk to his manager about the way he tried to sell you.

    Most of the time I'll just brush of crappy sales techniques, but that's along the lines of telling old ladies they need to buy a phone because the competitors causes brain tumors.

    Heck, I might even take it to corporate if I were you.
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    I've heard these guys say all kinds of things that I knew were wrong just to make the sale. Sprint, T-mobile, Verizon, and AT&T representatives routely say whatever to close the deal. They prey on uninformed customers.

    Some are good, honest people. Others make good, honest mistakes. The worst are just plain old liars and cheats. That being said, there was some talk about a merger but it was just talk.
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    Yea, I even got "slammed" once by an AT&T sales rep. They called me (I had not made any inquiries to them), asked me if I wanted a certain cell phone. I said no. Next thing I know, I had been signed up for AT&T wireless service and billed for the phone. I was able to get it all cleared up, but still a hassle.
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    Sprint just (last 5 minutes) announced the new palm phone. Which I will be getting (if it works on SERO). So I don't think they are dieing any time soon.
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    Quote Originally Posted by samadam View Post
    Sprint just (last 5 minutes) announced the new palm phone. Which I will be getting (if it works on SERO). So I don't think they are dieing any time soon.
    Did you mean to say Palm just announced it at CES? Dieter mentioned it during his live blogging of the event.

    That device looks really nice. Whether or not it saves Palm, they did make a good last ditch effort! If they got that out a year or 2 ago, they'd be in great shape now.
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    Isn't this exactly how rumors get started? What Dieter posted was that during the Microsoft keynote, there was some video of a Treo Pro running Internet Explorer Mobile 6 that he supposed is probably the Sprint Treo Pro, as he states here:

    There is nothing in that article that says anything about Palm or Sprint announcing something. If they have, would someone please post a link. If not, this is still just rumors, leaks, and speculation.
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    You guys are not keeping up with the live blogging that just took place here at TC and other sites.

    Live blog: Palm keynote at CES
    11:15 a.m.: Bringing Rubinstein on to show first device running the new operating system. Device is the Palm Pre (rhymes with gee)

    "The design was inspired by nature." Looks a bit like a shorter, rounder iPhone. Perhaps more similar to HTC Touch in looks.
    Exclusive launch partner: Sprint.
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    That's the new Nova device.

    PrPrPre, not PrPrPro.

    Knew about that one, but and figured that's what Samadam meant, but wanted clarification.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ebag333 View Post
    That's the new Nova device.

    PrPrPre, not PrPrPro.

    Knew about that one, but and figured that's what Samadam meant, but wanted clarification.
    Since Samadam never specified a device name and made the comment just as the Palm Pre was announced to be exclusive to Sprint, I figured it was about the Palm Pre. Since that now is the "new Palm phone". Everything else is now old news .

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