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    Check this link.

    Choose Your Carrier (Sprint)>
    Choose Your Phone> Scroll Down to Palm Treo 850w-Beta

    Or is it just another error?
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    Likely the Treo Pro.
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    Sprint had the Treo Pro linked on their software store (which has ScanLife for all or almost all their phones).

    Interestingly enough, that link is gone now--which is actually somewhat odd. I say it's odd because they carry links to such devices as the 700w (not 700wx), which Sprint never carried. You can also (if you browse through the actual URL) find links to such things as the Touch HD, which AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK $is$ $not$ $making$ $it$'$s$ $way$ $to$ $the$ $US$.

    So just because something's in the software store doesn't mean Sprint's getting it.

    Anyway, it's likely that's where that came from.
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    also 800w is absent from both sprint and wm lists and treo pro absent from wm list so it doesn't seem very accurate.
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    Yeah, this has been around for awhile (it's available in the Sprint store via PIE on your device).

    Oddly enough: last I checked the 850w Beta doesn't work...or rather, it's all scaled wrong.

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