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    I recently added pmClean to manage memory clean-up.

    I am running a 700wx with WM6.1.

    Every time I launch pmClean I have 17 notifications which it cannot remove/delete.

    Any ideas?
    VZW 700wx WM6.1
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    I use a Program called TaskMgr to remove all notifications that are screwed up from the built in Clock Alarm. I use PmClean in the past. It work fin in WM5 not in 6 though. you have to manually remove them.
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    Oh I forgot the link. Sorry. CLICK HERE

    I simply put the TaskMgr.exe program on the SD card. no need to install. To do the same, download the zip and extract the TaskMgr to your SD card. I hope this helps
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    One more thing. It is a bunch of useful tools the name is deceiving, and doesn't accurately describe it.
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    soft reset works good thanks!

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