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    When you click the "location" icon on the carrier bar, turning it 'on' apparently enables use of your GPS radio. However, I like to turn 'location: off' when I'm not using the GPS b/c of the incrase in batt life. I'm also using the new 'HideCarrier' plugin but I don't want to have to go into the Today settings and un-hide the Car.Bar everytime I want to use the GPS. My question is: is there a shortcut I can create to either a program or dll that either 1) opens the location window or 2) turns the location on/off by toggling it everytime you run the shortcut. (BT can have a shortcut, just as the PAM icon [though I can't see that @ 96dpi anyway]).
    A few months back there was a tool hanging around here which turned the GPS radio on and off. Is that what I should be using? I DL'd it back then but I'm worried about running it in case it somehow messes up the GPS radio. I searched here and even on the xda site but no one ever seems to have posted about it.
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    Hannip's little program works just fine.

    You don't have to turn GPS off manually. If you don't run a GPS program, then GPS is not in use regardless of the privacy/location setting.

    Some GPS programs do not shut down the GPS after they start it up to use it. When I use one of those programs, I just soft reset my 800w afterwards. Google Maps (for example) does shut it down properly if you exit out of the app, but if you leave Google Maps running it will continue to use the GPS and continue to eat up battery life.

    So the long and the short of it is, just make sure you close/terminate GPS using apps and you should be fine.
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    Ok, that's good to hear! So basically I can leave my location 'on' and whenever I use a GPS program, I exit it out of it completely AND use Hannip's tool to make sure the GPS is off? (Thanks for the reply by the way).
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    You got it!

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