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    Does anyone have one or has anyone messed with one in person? Are there any real world reviews with better pictures? I'd like to see a non-marketing shot of the front clear cover, and I don't understand how you would get the stylus in and out.
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    I had one for review on a Treo 700p a year or more ago. It is an amazing feat of manufacturing! Totally water tight, buttons work perfectly. I highly recommend them.
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    I am using one now. I am impressed with the quality work put into it. There is an opening for access to the stylus.
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    mhcedwards: you using it on an 800w? can you post some pics?
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    I just ordered one of these otterbox cases for my 800w. I will be sure to post pictures and my opinion of the case later. A co-worker has one for the Blackberry Curve, looks pretty nice and functional.
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    I just got mine yesterday. Its a decent case. It adds a considerable amount of bulk to the phone though. I will try to get the pictures up by tomorrow. If you do not mind the size, its a great case.

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    mhcedwards: you using it on an 800w? can you post some pics?
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    mhcedwards: you using it on an 800w? can you post some pics?
    Sorry, I've been busy and didn't see this request until this morning. I will try to take some photos this evening and post them.
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    Pictures of the otterbox. I will write a review later.

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    Having problems getting the pictures up.
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    I have used the OtterBox on other phones and mp3 players and have been very impressed with the quality, construction and protection the OtterBox provides.

    I am planning on ordering one now for my Treo 800w.

    The one for my iPod Nano (3rd generation) is top notch!

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    thanks for the pics, looks ike they confirmed my fear of the screen guard looking like crap guess it's still bareback for me.
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    What happened to the pics?
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    Do any of these cases allow for easy access to the battery?

    I generally run my batteries down quickly (Stock 800w battery) and have not seen a good case for easy swapping of the battery. (Got 12 hours from my 700wx with similar setups but used an extended battery)

    (I am ordering two more batteries.. As I end up killing a battery generally in 4-6 hours the way I use the phone... If I turn off some things I MIGHT get 8 hours... Not getting an extended battery at this time since stock "used" batteries can be had for $10 apiece...)

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    This case does not allow access to the battery without removing the entire casing. That is the major drawback but if you are near a charger you will be fine.

    In order to see the pictures you have to replace the "dot" with an actual .

    in order to see them. I was not allowed to have a direct link to the pics.
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    Do you have any pictures of the phone next to the case? I'm trying to get an idea of a before and after size comparison.

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