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    Hi All,

    We just released a simple new utility - Volume Switcher. This utility allows automatically set sound volume or switch silent/vibrate mode at desired time. This could be useful sometimes

    Windows Mobile 5, 6.0 and 6.1 devices are supported in this version. Free trial and additional info could be found at Volume Switcher product page.

    Connective Tools
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    Does this override the hardware switch position? What if the switch is set to vibrate?
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    does this have an option that i can leave my ringer on but turn alerts and other sounds off at night?

    I'm on call at night and don't want to wake up to a stupid drunken text message but i need to hear my ringer. Turning all sounds off manually every night then back on in the morning has become a pain.
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    Bump for feedback regarding two previous questions.

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