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    How you all doing. First time posting here. Got turned on to treocentral by a m8 on another site. I have to say, I've only got through 3/4 of the threads on the first page and WOW!!!!! I came lookin for advice on registery hacks and found so much more. Sounds like a Hallmark Card. LOL. After reading the thread on reg hacks I got 3 up and going. Keylight Hack, an app I thought I was going to have to do with out after I jumped from PalmOS to Windows. Nice!!!!!! TY for that one Zdop.
    So anyhow, here's my questions.
    1. What apps are you guys & gals using for a back up program? I'm looking for something like NVBackup. Right now I'm using Dashwire for my contacts only. But know that I'm getting in to reg hacks and got everything setup the way I like. If I mess something up now.... I've only had to do 1 hardrest sence I got my 800, went to use the sprint backup app and said the file was corrupt. Had to backup my contacts from my yahoo acct and start over from the beginning. So I'm not really trusting it at the moment.
    2. Are there any apps out there that can hide unused icons in your program page. I use to use an app on my 600, started with an "O", then I started using LuncherX.
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    1) You have Sprite Backup on your phone (not Sprint backup. )

    It SHOULD work just fine. I've literally never had a corrupt backup, so something went wrong there. It's really one of the better backup programs, but I do backup my contacts elsewhere (used to use Dashwire, now just use my work's exchange server).

    2) Open up File Manager, browse to \Windows\Start Menu\

    You can edit away to your hearts content here. I suggest making a backup in case you delete a program you need, or move something you shouldn't. Some links you have to move one at a time for whatever reason. I really recommend not deleting anything, but moving them into subfolders (IE: \Windows\Start Menu\Programs\GPS\ and move all GPS related programs into there).

    Make sure you check out the FAQ. There's a *TON* of fixes, improvements, and cool programs in there.

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