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    Can anyone suggest an app that will send an SMS to multiple numbers.

    There are a quite a few around but I know some of them don't work on the Treo Pro.

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    Using your normal network?
    You can just insert multiple recipients, right?
    I worked perfectly well for the New Year's greetings

    I am also using VoipSMS to save money on SMSs outside my country, it is a WM app and also supports multiple recipients.
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    Fintan, I forgot about that but I was looking for an app which would allow you to save a list as a group and then allow you to reuse it.
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    another missing thing in WM, you can filter on group in contacts but not while adding recipients in messaging.
    Smartphone uhmmm.

    Anyway, somebody made it:
    Treo Pro Playtime
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    What are you trying to do with your multi-SMS? Obviously, you can just add more recipients in the To field.

    Are you trying to send to a group of recipients that you text frequently? This can also be done with the built-in software (or, at least it works on my 700wx running WM5). Just create a blank SMS with all the recipients that you want to include, and then close the message without sending it. When the prompt comes up asking if you want to "Save to Drafts", choose Yes. Then, go to your Drafts folder and highlight the message. Using your softkeys, choose to "Copy to Saved".

    Now, whenever you want to send to that group, go into your Saved folder and choose to Resend this message. You'll get a blank message with all of your pre-set recipients already filled in, and you can add or remove any of these recipients if you need to.
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    Thanks Devonar, that's what I wanted to be able to do.

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