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    I really like treo alerts especially how it could add the Day and date instread of Sprint, even when I installed it it was still their now I did a hard reset its gone, how do I add it without installing Treo Alerts, because the LED stays on when charging. Thanks
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    Cdate by Crazy.Eddie

    You can find it in the Mortscript forum.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ebag333 View Post
    Cdate by Crazy.Eddie

    You can find it in the Mortscript forum.
    Thanks ebag333

    links here if anyone else is interested
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    Or have a little registry fun and get the date above your time:

    [quote]Display the date on the top bar under the clock:
    Quote Originally Posted by ramanan_n View Post
    Since we know the year to be 2008 (or 2009 soon), to have the date display w/o the 'miss' in the year, we can do the following.
    1. HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Shell\
    Create a DWORD value Name = TBOpt Value = 03
    Good explanation on what is this 'TBOpt' here.
    Quote Originally Posted by Aficionado
    Investigated somemore and found other types of displays:
    1) Remove date and time althogether = Change TBOpt value to "0".
    2) Display only Time = Change TBOpt value to "1".
    3) Display only Date = Change TBOpt value to "2".
    4) Display both Time and Date = Change TBOpt value to "3".
    Quote Originally Posted by Aficionado
    How to include the AM/PM notation on the top taskbar:
    1) Open ur registry editor (either PHM Registry Editor or Resco Explorer 2003).
    2) Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\nls\overrides
    3) Create 1st String Value: Name = S1159 & String = Am
    4) Create 2nd String Value: Name = S2359 & String = Pm
    5) Create 3rd String Value: Name = STFmt & String = h:mm t'M'
    6) Soft-reset.
    2. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\nls\overrides
    Create a String value Name = SSDte Value = ddd MMM dd' '
    The last ' ' is to push the date to the right to allow the "OK" not disturb or clash w/ the date.

    Caveat: After doing this tweak, if you have a peek @ the Start>Settings>System>RegionalSettings>Date, & press OK there, then the reg value can get altered.

    Then the above tweak has to be done again.

    Credits to: 88raymond & Aficionado from

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