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    My Dell notebook is a Windows XP SP2 machine with a PCMCIA bluetooth adaptor running the Toshiba drivers. ActiveSync is loaded on the notebook and the Treo 750 connects to it using a USB cable. I loaded the bluetooth addon from the Palm CD. The Treo is running WM6 and bluetooth connects to my Vista desktop computer and syncs with Outlook on a regular basis. However, the notebook computer sees the Treo but says the Treo "will not allow the connection". The Treo sees the notebook and has established an entry in the bluetooth device tab.

    I have searched the web for a solution but have not found any. Can someone provide some advice for a solution?

    I want to bluetooth connect the Treo to the notebook so I can activesync Outlook and tether the Treo so I can connect the notebook to the Internet.
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    mine used to work fine too until last week after i did a hard reset trying to get my picturemail to work.

    it will connect to the computer, but it won't allow a sync. i've tried everything that palm and active sync recommends and no go.
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    oops, mine is on an 800w. still WM6.1 with active sync 4.5

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