I've been having problems with my picturemail so i did a hard reset. now my phone will not sync with my computer via activesync. I never had a bit of problems setting it up before.

i'm going through bluetooth.

I've tried setting it up exactly how active sync says to and no go.
uninstalled and reinstalled active sync 4.5
restarted computer
restarted the phone
removed all bluetooth devices then added my phone again and added the incoming port. it will only add port 7 now and before it was on com 10. The phone doesn't even list com 10 anymore. only com0,4,7,8. The computer will only use 7 and 10.

i chose 7. Got the computer to connect, but it said errors synchronizing. no big deal, disconnect and try it again. now it won't connect and says i have to setup a partnership. i click on yes. It takes me to nowhere. It shows my notebook and that activesync is a service. I uninstall and reinstall everything and it still won't even connect now to my computer.

regular bluetooth file transfers work just fine.

why is my 800w falling apart all of a sudden?