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    After some weeks playing around with my TP I have made up my mind what belongs on it and what not.

    Now I am looking at Sprite Backup but I am a little confused.
    All I want in a backup is the SMSs, call records and -timers.
    Everything else - contacts, tasks, etc. is on the desktop or in easily identified files.

    What to select in a custom backup to keep just this information?

    SMS is a part of "Email" ?
    Would call records be in "Personal databases" or somewhere less obvious?

    I want to be sure absolutely no system settings come back to the fresh TP...
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    Apparently I have messed up too far.
    Sprite will fail
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    If you just want to backup personal data inc. call history and messages, you'll be better off with PIM Backup.
    Superb piece of software that also allows you to backup to text files so you can view or edit the data on a PC.
    What's more, amazingly, it's free for personal use.
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    The big advantage of using Sprite is that it's right there after a hard-reset.
    Reason enough to use it (besides the fact I already paid for it :P ).

    My problem was the writing to the card, as i found out be reading elsewhere on sprite problems.
    Possibly it doesn't handle the sdhc's FAT32 too well.
    Writing the backup first to the device and moving to card later works ok.

    SMSs, call records survived the backup.
    Call timers not.

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