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    i updated my 700wx to wm6 last was the worst thing i ever did..
    i cant use my tom tom 6 with receiver.
    the active call on the today screen is screwed up.
    im so pissed....this was not worth the little enhancements that it brought.
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    Is this on a VZW or Sprint WX? My VZW device has worked without a hitch since I upgraded it in Sept.
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    Sounds like the Verizon ROM. Yeah, it's crap. Try one of the custom ones (first stickied post in the forums). They're 1000x better.
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    im a little nervous to try the custom roms...i dont wanna screw it up and brick it not stupid on handhelds by any means..i jsut get real nervous when it comes to those types of upgrades
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    If you're okay with upgrading to the Verizon ROM, there's no more (or less) danger with using a custom ROM.
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    I can attest. I just used my first custom ROM last night after much fear and anxiety and its pretty smooth and painless. I was disappointed with the VZW 6.0 ROM too and I just loaded the latest from the Custom ROM thread and love it. Just read the fist post in the thread 4 or 5 times ( I had to) until you're comfortable with the steps. It all makes sense after you try it. That nb0 file you just used in the stock update is more or less interchangeable with the custom ROMs provided here. (All disclaimers apply, naturally)

    Just sharing a positive experience from a fellow brick-fearing Treo fan.
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    What is the best weather download? Where can you go to locate? I've tried weatherpanel, no luck.
    Any help! I have a Palm Tero 700 WX

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