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    Does anyone know where I can still get the WM6 upgrade for the Treo 750? I am looking at purchasing a Treo 750 but the current owner never upgraded the OS and it is no longer avialable from palm.

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    you can download some WM 6 ROM for 750 from

    but most ROM for Chinese user. You can select the ROM as needed.

    Translate the page from Google when needed.
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    I have the Palm Unbranded 2.27 ROM for the 750. This is WM6.0 and is for the SD Bootlegger loading method, The file (cheeimg.nbh) is 81.0MB in size so that makes it unsuitable for an email but if you have a file sharing site, I will gladly upload it.

    Unfortunately, Palm has decommisioned their official download links.
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    I am also looking for the wm6 update. Its quite hard to find an non at&t version, and I would really like wm6

    jwebb56: cant you just put it on rapidshare or megaupload?
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    jwebb56, I need that version and the instructions on how to install it. I have a 6.1 cheeimg.nbh but it will not read from my SDCard.

    I screwed up and tried the 6.5 version and I really need to get back to the 6.0 2.27 rom.

    Help! I really need my phone.

    Just FYI - the 6.5 version is ok except if you send a text message. It sends you a confirmation and then keeps sending the text message out. My daughter received 12 msg in 5 minutes and I had to just remove the battery and hard reset. I just want to go back.

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    I was able to get back to 6.0. Thanks everyone for all the suggestions and links.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dgreening View Post
    I was able to get back to 6.0. Thanks everyone for all the suggestions and links.
    hello where can i get the 6.5 and is it ok with the 700wx??
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    Look on the XDA developers site... but from everything I have read, 6.5 needs a speedier processor, so the 700wx may not cut it.

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