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    Is there any way to import my contacts from my yahoo! email account so that I can send emails from my phone to people by having their email and name and stuff in the phone so I can select them and send it fast? I have about 50 people in my yahoo! account and I do not have phone #'s for all of them so they are not saved in my phone book in my treo 800w.
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    Assuming that you sync your device with Outlook on your PC, there are two ways to do it.


    Login to Yahoo Address Book at Then there is a link of interest towards the top right of the page: "Import/Export".

    Click "Import/Export". On the next page you can export your Yahoo contacts. Scroll down and click the Export Now button next to Microsoft Outlook. This will give you a CSV file that you can import into Outlook on your PC.

    In Outlook, click File > Import and Export. Next choose "Import from another program or file" in the list of options, then click Next. Now choose "Comma Separated Value (Windows)" and click Next. Now point it to the file that you saved. On the remaining steps, these aren't spot on but the idea is to choose what type of data that you are importing (Contacts), to tell it where to store that data (either Contacts or a sub folder under Contacts), and then you may need to map the fields in the CSV file to the field names that Outlook uses.

    Once you have the new entries imported into the main Contacts folder in Outlook on your PC, then sync your phone with your computer and sync the contacts over.

    Yahoo Autosync

    This option also requires that you sync your phone with Outlook on your PC. Another option to sync your contacts between Yahoo and Outlook is a free app for your PC from Yahoo called Yahoo Autosync. You can find it available for download at Help information for the app is available at It syncs between your Yahoo account and Outlook on your PC directly. If you have ever used Intellisync in the past, you may notice that the apps appear very similar.

    The app has the ability to sync Contacts, Calendar, and Notes between Outlook and Yahoo. So, once you sync and you have successfully downloaded your Yahoo Address Book entries to Contacts in Outlook, then sync your phone with your computer and sync the contacts over.
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    While I dont have a treo 800w, I did purchase another windows mobile smartphone, the samsung saga. I am a long time palm user and there is definitely a big adjustment to winmo. One of the most frustrating experiences is being able to sync info between the smartphone and my computer, running windows vista. In particular, unless you use microsoft outlook, there is no way to synch info, such as contacts and memos, between the computer and smartphone.

    However, I did find a decent workaround to synching my contacts.

    1. In yahoo, click on "options", then "mail options" then "contact options", then click on "import/export". Scroll down to "export", and click on "export now" next to the "Yahoo CSV" tab. Save the file somewhere on your computer.

    2. Sign up for a free windows hotmail or live account. Then click on "contact list" in hotmail, click on "manage", then "import", select "yahoo mail" under step 2, then attach the file you saved on your computer from yahoo.

    3. Download the windows live mail client to your treo 800w.

    4. When you set up windows live on your smartphone, make sure you select the option to sync contacts, and then perform the synch.

    5. That should be it- you may have to manually look through the contacts once they're on your smartphone, as the formats for yahoo and hotmail contacts are a little different, but for the most part, its pretty accurate.

    Hope this helps.

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