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    I am moving to New Zealand and while comparing models and prices found that unlocked phones are cheaper in the US. If I buy an unlocked phone such as this Treo Pro from will it work at 3g speeds on Vodaphone's network in New Zealand? Or do I need to buy the NZ model to ensure network compatibility? Any Kiwis out there?
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    You should have no problem with an unlocked Treo Pro on Vodafone. Although I bought mine locally, there is another occasional poster here from Wellington who I'm sure bought his phone in the US.
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    Just be aware that TreoPros sold by Telstra in Australia, had their antennas tweaked to Telstras odd frequency range, as compared to the "generic" phone now available. Not sure if this happened in many other places around the world? To be honest though, I used both the Telstra model and now a generic model on the Vodafone Network in Aus, and noticed little difference between the two.
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