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    I am moving to New Zealand and while comparing models and prices found that unlocked phones are cheaper in the US. If I buy an unlocked phone such as this Treo 850 from will it work at 3g speeds on Vodaphone's network in New Zealand? Or do I need to buy the NZ model to ensure network compatibility? Any Kiwis out there?
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    The 800w is CDMA only. If there are CDMA carriers with the same bands as Sprint, then it may work.

    It's going to be better to buy a worldphone however that you know will work over there.
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    I don't see any reason why the Treo Pro 850 unlocked version (your title says 800, but the link is the 850, aka Treo Pro) will have any problems getting on Vodaphone's network or getting 3g speeds: the phone supports quad-band (for voice) and supports UMTS/HSDPA3 (for data). Just be sure they offer 3g speeds in the area you'll be

    Wow, that's $$$ for such a phone, you'll be glad you bought it here for half.

    btw, you probably should post this topic in the Treo Pro section instead as this is the 800w section, which isn't a gsm phone but a cdma phone.
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