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    This is happening more often for me. When I get a call, the incoming call dialog box that pops up will not go away until I soft reset. The keyguard sometimes stays as well.

    I hard reset my phone and the same thing started happening after a few days. I've installed ebag's real vga stuff, resco file explorer, treo alert pro, and beejiveIM. Any ideas what could be causing this?
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    Hmm...that's not normal.

    Have you tried seeing if this happens with the device clean (hard reset and nothing loaded/installed)?
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    This same thing happened for me just after installing realvga, only it was the "touch screen disabled while on call" message that was stuck on the screen. Problem stopped as soon as I uninstalled realvga.
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    I suggest you try the latest version of RealVGA. I'm using a completely different CAB creation program that seems to solve some of the weird issues that I and others had before. (Like not all resources getting installed.)

    Additionally there are newer DLL's which should better support the 800w.

    If you are upgrading, you *SHOULD* be able to install the current version over the old one (make sure you're in 128 DPI first). I do still recommend a fresh install if you have the old version, but moving forward you should not need to hard reset between versions anymore (yay!).
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    Thanks for the tips. I'm going to try to hard reset and start again.
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    If you want to use RealVGA, make sure you use the new version.

    The old version was rather...unstable....thanks to the crappy program I was using to create the .CAB files. There's also a new way of installing it, so make sure you follow the instructions carefully.
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    It is the Treo Alerts program... Does it with my phone too and I since took it off...

    It appears to happen when you have an active LED alert and you get a call.
    Atleast that is what happens on my phone..

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    Yeah, I started noticing some weird things happening after I installed Treo Alerts also. I'll try taking it off to see what happens. I really like having a LED indicator if I miss a text/call, but it's not worth the phone glitching.

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