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    This does NOT happen on my device using my H710 or my H715 headset. I receive a call or make a call and my headset is at the same volume setting at which I ended the previous call. Quite often that previous call was in my car and I had the volume turned up to compensate for car noise. I have to turn down the volume in my headset because it's too loud on a subsequent call if I'm not in a noisy environment. I do not have the issue so many of you complain about and I don't have a custom ROM. So it's not a bug in all 800Ws no matter what some claim or else it would be a problem for me too.
    It may not be a bug in ALL 800w's or, more likely, it may not be a bug when connected to ALL devices. I do not think my new T505 has the bug, either.

    Either way, I'm due for a new BT headset and see that you mention the H710 and H715. Which one would you suggest? I'd like to give one a try.

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    Anything I own is for sale for the right price. If mine is the only 800W in existence that doesn't have the BT volume bug, it's obviously worth a LOT of money. Let the bidding begin!
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    Quote Originally Posted by gksmithlcw View Post
    Either way, I'm due for a new BT headset and see that you mention the H710 and H715. Which one would you suggest? I'd like to give one a try.
    I'm happy with both. As far as I can tell there's no difference between the two models. It's just that I liked the 710 headset so much, I wanted one for each of my vehicles so I didn't have to move one back and forth. The H715 is supposedly the newer model, but in my research before purchasing it I couldn't find what improvement, if any, was made to it. Still I bought it anyway as it looked identical to the 710 I had.

    I'm a hard of hearing in both ears, but one has significant loss. It helps that both of these models don't insert into the ear allowing me to wear them (one at a time for those who like to pounce) on my "good ear" and easily be able to carry on in person conversations. They use an ear loop and just lay gently against the ear. The ear loop is a bit annoying after a while, but it's better for me than having something pushing into my ear.

    Hope this helps.

    I have also found that the volume on the headsets is very strong and I keep it on it's lowest setting unless there's a lot of background noise. I sometimes wish it had an even lower volume setting. Hearing so many complain about too low of volume using their BT headsets, I am very pleased I don't have that problem.
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    OK, someone start to post what I needed then they got it, but didn't say how they did it. I am not getting the "three hardware prompts". I have the treo 800w, with the low call volume issue. I connect the treo, it connects to Activesync, I do the ##3424#, the screen on the treo shows "USB Mode", I click "Diag passthru", Activesync disconnects,... NO prompt for the hardware installs. HELP. I know I am not that dumb. I think I followed the steps correctly so far. What am I doing wrong. What can I do to remedy this problem. Thanks, and looking forward to hearing better. It's been a bummer.
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    OK... I did look in the system-device manager (with treo plugged in and dialed ##3424#) saw the treo! meaning no drivers. I added the drivers by directing to the folder I saved from the download (on all three of the bad "treo"s. Then the NO PHONE on all ports were still there. Did a soft reset. There it was. I followed the rest of the instructions VIOLA! it worked (a little anyway) Thanks guys. Great help.
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    When I plug in the usb and try to go into diag passthru, I get an error "Failed to set USB driver's mode. hr=0x80004005. Can someone give me a little direction?
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