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    I recently was forced to wipe and reload all my software on my laptop. Since I'd recently hotsync'd my 755 I wasn't worried in any way.

    I should have been.

    After my first laptop hotsync post-rewrite my data was wiped from my treo - BUT I CAN find it on the harddrive in the back up files, just under a different name than my device uses. Unfortunately, none of the techniques I used in the past to get data from 'back up' to current device are working - and my frustration level is keeping me from troubleshooting further.


    Help? can anyone help me figure out how to get the back up files connected to the correct device?

    Oh, and did palm install a Mission Impossible self destruct or something? My CD isn't reading in any of my drives outside of the 'Palm CD' title - so Docs to Go can't reinstall

    Thanks in advance for your help and guidance
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    You might have better luck getting an answer in the 755p forums. This is a forum for the 750 which is a windows mobile device. Good luck.
    Treo 750, at&t wireless.
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    Look in Users\Desktop User Name\Documents\Palm OS Desktop folder. A prime example of the reason everyone should use a device based backup solution.

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