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    Quote Originally Posted by ivhs72 View Post
    You can also tell your phone to not check for mail automatically. That is what I did, still didn't help.

    That's because it's another 800w bug. You can't expect your mediocre PDA to be a reliable phone. LOL

    All of these kludges, hacks, cracks, registry manipulations, etc are just annoying. Why can't the 800w just work correctly out of the box? Ugh.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ebag333 View Post

    If you switch to a different phone, you're just inheriting a different set of problems. (And trust me, you do not want to go down the road on that with the 700wx you used as an example above. I have a feeling I know far more about the flaws of the 700wx than just about anyone.

    If you go to a closed system like Palm OS, and there is a bug/problem, you're basically at the mercy of the developer to fix it, very rarely do you have the opportunity to fix it yourself. I'm constantly amazed at how often I find fixes for WM out there. I was a Palm OS user for many years before switching to WM, and the difference in community support is simply astounding.

    It's the whole Linux VS Windows argument all over again....only this time Microsoft is the "open" operating system.

    I used the 700wx for a few months with no problems. I switched to the 800w for the higher resolution screen and built-in WiFi. I wish now I hadn't. When I sit in a parking lot for 20 minutes waiting for a phone call, and get three voice mails for others that tried to reach me, that is unacceptable, no matter what the source of the problem is. For me, the 700wx worked and did everything that I needed and wanted. Maybe I'm not a power user, but I consider my self an educated consumer. If I get a call, my phone should ring. With the 700wx and 755p, it does. With the 800w, it doesn't. I could give a rip less about polling cycles and that every phone has it's own set of problems. For me, it's performance, and where the rubber meets the road. With my previous phones, they were spinning out. With the 800w, it was a flat tire. If could find another 700wx, I would go with it instead of the 755p that I did.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nsxprime View Post
    All of these custom ROMS, kludges, hacks, cracks, registry manipulations, etc are just annoying. Why can't any HTC device just work correctly out of the box? Ugh.
    Fixed your post for you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by binder View Post
    wow, now i don't feel so bad. i've often wondered how i can be siting here at my desk, phone next to my keyboard and it not ring/vibrate (i have it set to do both) and i have a voicemail/missed call/text message. i thought i was just losing my mind...
    Quote Originally Posted by Malatesta View Post
    Fixed your post for you.
    Watch it. When HTC owns Palm you will have no choice. Yeah and I'm the hater. Great example, I guess you are the only allowed to do it. Attention Dieter!
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    Kind of sad when Sprint agrees with the OP since they've also dumped the 800w after only six months. That must be why they never promoted or supported it from early on.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nsxprime View Post
    Sticks and stones.

    Kind of sad when Sprint agrees with the OP since they've also dumped the 800w after only six months. That must be why they never promoted or supported it from early on.
    I'm not saying you wrong, or right. I really don't know for sure. It's just that is seems no matter the thread, you step in with a one or two sentence statement saying the exact same negative things about the 800w over and over and over. At some point, you have to let it go and give it a rest. You've stated how you feel, let it go. Just because another 800W thread starts, does not mean the exact negative comments, or there bouts, have to be made.

    I realize that you strongly really dislike the 800W, along with a handful of others. But, what do you actually have to gain by continually posting the same type message?

    My 800W has worked great for me. I've added around 50 apps and it still works great. Call quality is not a problem, on either end. GPS is not a concern for me as I don't go anywhere where it would be a problem. The phone works great for me. But, I don't go posting how good it is in any and virtually all threads about the 800w. I've stated it in two or so threads and I think that's enough. I think I also stated that we have oaver 50 800w's in our organization. Not a one have strongly complained. Yes, I've had a few call me that something was working only to find out that they messed with settings that caused their email to stop receiving as it should.

    You are right when you state you the right to your opinion (I think it was you). But, what purpose does it serve to constantly provoke others with that opinion?

    I hope everyone has a wonderful New Year's.
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