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    Happy to report that I got a Treo Pro for Christmas!! Wooo!

    I've set it up exactly how I wanted it and it's working great except for 1 problem. I've set up my email which is a account. It found the settings automatically just like my 750 did before. I set it up to do a Send/Receive every 60 min.

    For some reason its not doing it automatically every 60 min, but the settings still show that it should be doing it. I never had a problem with my 750 on Rogers and this very same email account.

    Any Ideas? If I run it manually it works and I get all my emails.

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    figured it out!

    I had to put Outlook in the Exclusive Program List in the Task Manager. I guess it was closing each time and thus not doing the send/receive...working beautifully now...

    Treo Pro FTW!
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    I don't know I mean I have Microsoft Exchange, I have an exchange acct. and I just love the push email function (it's flawless) and i'm able to send and receive emails as well as to organize all of my folders (unlike blackberries that only allow you to see the inbox folder)
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    The Company I work for is finally upgrading their exchange server in 2009 so I can't wait to get the Push Email working.

    I've played around with BB's but I just don't enjoy them as much windows Mobile Devices.

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