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    Two questions...

    Has anyone gotten the TomTom GPS to work with Verizon and Googlemaps? I've read where others have been successful. I can't seem to get a data connection. Bluetooth paired successfully, no problem. When I try to set up a wireless connection using the TomTom, it lists most of the major carriers EXCEPT Verizon! I thought I could use it as an external GPS for the Treo 700wx Googlemaps "My location". No?

    I managed to get the Hands Free service working via Bluetooth. But... I cannot get my phonebook from the Treo imported into the Tomtom. It says "copying contacts", then "copying completed", but all it has imported is my own cell number and my home land line number. I have over 500 contacts! (maybe the quantity is the problem?)

    Guess I should add: I'm running the offical VZW WM 6.0 update (1.24).



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