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    Im trying to sync up my phone to connect with my google calendar- and it wont sync with my laptop- keeps saying attention required and wont work-

    Does anyone have any suggestions?

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    Try deleting the partnership and start over.
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    All 3 of my 800's had sync issues. Never had a problem with any PDA ever just the 800. Never found out why. I have nothing to offer for you other then delete and start over. If that doesn't work hard reset the device. Works for some but never worked for me.
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    It's a common problem with the 800w. Hard resets are a way of life with that phone. What is the specific error code received? Sometimes just unchecking all of the categories, syncing, and then rechecking the categories will fix the issue.
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    It's a common problem with all phones.

    If you followed the Round Robin, there were issues synching with all the WM phones (and this by people who eat, sleep, and breath smartphones!).

    Try deleting all the relationships and starting over.
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    I have to agree with Ebag, I think the issue is with Vista and Microsoft. I have been frustrated and hopeful with BT and USB sync, then it doesn't work, does work, doesn't work and then ........

    Everytime I think I have tranquility I unhook or shutdown or ...... and then it doesn't work.

    Sorry, just keep fiddling with it, it will eventually work, but take up 30 minutes of your day.

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    Go with nsxprime. That should do it! For me, it's usally the tasks and notes. I stopped using notes and only occasionally get the attention required message.
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    ok, i got mine figured out.

    after a hard reset something was screwed up and it added 2 desktops to my activesync. Go into active sync, then into settings. It gives you the options to choose what you want synced. When i looked at mine i noticed i had 2 separate computers on there. Shouldn't happen because i only have 1 computer i sync to. I deleted the first "desktop" it showed (highlight and choose delete) then i reconnected to my notebook and BAM! synced right up.

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