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    I just gave my 80gb ipod video to my girlfriend, and I want to know what's a good music/video player application (gonna use it more for music since I will be on the road and the Treo 800w has no video output) is? I want to get a 16gb microSD card and possibly a 32gb microSD when availible

    Would like an application that possibly supported .m3u playlists, supported internet radio, podcasts, and/or could fully utilize the Treo 800w's center buttons.

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    X1 for Kinoma.
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    I like Kinoma but I dont really think it can replace an ipod.
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    I replaced my iPod with Kinoma. AAMOF, when my house was burglarized and the iPod was stolen back in October, the iPod had a dead battery cause I hadn't used it in so long. 8GB of sd storage will hold a lot of entertainment.
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    between my 8gig sd card, shoutcast, and my orb stream kinoma sure as hell works as an ipod replacement for me
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    Kinoma Play and streaming podcasts is an absolutely KILLER feature for me, and makes an iPod seem dumb in comparison. In fact, I replaced my 3rd Gen iPod a couple of years back when I got Kinoma for my Treo 650 and Softick Audio Gateway for A2DP. Obviously that part is built into the 800w. While streaming podcasts is the killer feature for ME, there are tons of other killer features in there such as a great interfaces to other services such as YouTube and Orb, The Kinoma Guide for a great, searchable directory of content, and of course, the ability to play all sorts of formats of both audio and video of your microSDHC card. This is one of my absolute "must have" applications.

    I also own a copy of CorePlayer, which has a nice YouTube interface, and great codec support, but I rarely use it because Kinoma is so great.
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    Kinoma is worth the $25 then?
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    If you keep media on your device and stream media, Kinoma is a must have!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stockmover View Post
    Kinoma is worth the $25 then?
    Well it's really worth more than that, but at $25 its a steal .
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    I went to the kinoma player website and it mentions that it is compatible with Palm OS, but what does that have to do with the treo 800w? Is there a windows mobile version that works with the treo 800w?

    *edit* i was looking at kinoma 4 ex...kinoma play is for windows moble...silly me

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