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    I have the extended battery, so i can go a day and a half without issues. Also, try the latest build of fm, it fixes some of the memory issues - and NO, i do not use the flexmail sms program. The first thing i do is disable the storage and account for SMS in FM. The built in sms works just fine for me. I also like the fact that FM is a separate mail app, so i can just close it when i dont want to receive mail. I was also in the Seven Beta, you can look into that and see if maybe that might be a better option for you. Seven does push really well but it only supports one imap account last time i checked.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mikec View Post
    Guess you won't be using Iris much longer, now that RIM has bought TorchMobile and killed Iris on WinMo. I guess you can keep using it, just no updates.
    yes.. I'm working on going through every post on every forum and redacting all of the nice things I've said about them. It's quite the task.

    o well. At least skyfire came out with an update
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    Mobile Outlook with GMail and/or Google Apps Mail using IMAP+SSL FTW!
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