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    I have had all models of treos including the centro, which I traded back in to AT&T for the Iphone 3G.

    I truely loved the 750 the best for useability, (I still have the 750 sprint model unactive) but will keep the iphone 3g because of 2 items:

    1. Internet Browser
    2. Maps with GPS

    If the 750 had these two plus a good quality video recorder this would be my ultimate/favorite - never look for another phone.

    Have been away from here for awhile because I gave up on the internet browser quality, it was almost useless for me under the palm - I could almost never access web material I needed. With the Iphone I can access all (well 99%) of what I can with my desktop.

    The Maps with GPS I never really desired, but now after having it, I do not want to give up.

    The video recorder, can't one of these powerfull phones ever come with a good quality 320x240 @ 15 fps video recorder?

    I really like the form & feel of the 750. Are there any new treos under development that will combine the 750 + Iphone Internet + Iphone Maps w/gps + video recorder? Thanks!
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    I agree with you on the aGPS/GPS statement. I went looking yesterday at GPS units and though they ain't bad, Google Maps with its satellite view is really nice.
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    anyone else have any thoughts, or is it just me?
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    Treo Pro. 320x320 display, integrated WiFi and GPS (Google Maps works with it fine), video recorder

    I'm not sure what your beef is with the web browser, but Opera Mobile gives you everything the iPhone browser will, as far as I know. If you want even more, such as Flash, there's Skyfire (free beta).
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    put java on your treo 750, and then you can run the Opera Mini browser. I can't imagine you needing more than that.

    GPS? Well the cell phone tower gps works with google maps on my treo. It is good enough for me.

    Video? My treo makes movies.

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