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    Ok, I have the Galarm installed and it seems to work execpt when it goes off I can't hear it. It wakes the phone up and shows the alarm screen but the volume is turned down.

    Even when I double-check that the volume on the side is turned all the way up, then set the alarm, when the alarm goes off the volume is turned down again and I can't hear it. While the alarm is going off if I turn the volume up using the side buttons I can then hear the alarm.

    I do have the "fix windows problem" checked in the options.

    Has anyone else had this problem? I went ahead and removed the program and reinstalled with no help.

    Any clues?

    Thanks, Tim
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    I tried G Alarm a few weeks and quickly gave up for multiple reasons:

    Font/display issues
    Slow opening... sluggish
    Lock up when the alarm went off.

    It looks like a neat program, but doesn't seem to compatible w/ the 800. I haven't reinstalled SBP time since my last reset....just sticking w/ stock for now until SBP fixes the display.
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    Hmmm....odd. I haven't had any of these problems. What version are you using? I'm using 2.2.

    Make sure you don't have alternate playback method selected, and I have force volume even if muted checked.
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    I made a switch Wednesday from Fizz Alarms to PTravel Alarm - So far so good. No duplicate or unexisting alarms.
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    I am using version, not 2.2. Your version is completly different than mine. I got mine from the programs developers site EGEye dot de.

    The good new is that I got it working with the force volume feature you mentioned. I had it set at only 20% or so and just couldn't hear it, once I turned it to 100 it works fine.

    Thanks for you help.

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    I meant AGEye dot de in my post above. I mistyped it.

    Thanks, Tim
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    Ouch, didn't realize mine was so old.

    One of the pains of using those mass "dump everything into a giant pot" sites.

    Anyway, glad you got it working.

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