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    Ok so i took my batt out to look at the esn number to write it down and but the batt back in and now its just showing the treo screen. i have no idea why its doing this its a newer and also referbed phone because the last one went swimming lol. so now im out of idea i let it set with out the batt and let it try to run with the batt in it i even tried doing a hard reset on it. any ideas and this is funny too the phone that i dropped in the water is working now if thats not messed up wow merry christmas and thanks btw treo 700wx sprint user
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    I tried plugging mine into the car charger and ended up with the same reult. I also tried all of the above mentioned solutions. Were you able to get yours working again?

    any ideas would be helpful
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    You could try and load a new ROM. read the sticky thread

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