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    Previous routine:
    Employer provided Verizon 700w;
    Windows XP with Outlook at home, syncing with USB cable;
    Windows XP at work, syncing to Outlook with broadband connection to exchange server;
    Outlook Contacts and Calendar always stayed current in all 3 places.

    Recently got a new Vista 64 bit computer at home. Too cheap to buy Outlook for Vista separate from Office, now using Windows Live Mail for email at home.

    I want to get all of my contacts and calendar from Outlook on the old XP computer, or from my Treo, into Live Mail on the new Vista computer.

    I also have contacts and calendar backed up on a Palm Zire 71 for what that's worth, if anything. Palm website says no Zire 71 drivers for 64 bit Vista. I do have a Laptop with 32 bit Vista, but have never tried to sync it with the Treo or Zire 71 since I don't use it for email.

    I don't want to risk losing my calendar or contacts from the exchange server or my desktop computer at work (XP). My recent backup onto the Zire 71 could help with that if needed.

    Any suggestions?
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    Windows Mobile Device Center seems to be the Vista replacement for Active Sync. I synced with my Treo and now have contacts in Windows Live Mail. For some reason, there are multiple contacts listed for each person, ranging from 3 to 8 each. They all have different ranges of completeness, that is, some have addresses phone numbers and email addresses, while others have nothing more than the persons name or phone number. I'm afraid to delete any of them because I don't know what it will do on the Treo.

    I'll update if I figure anything out.

    Update: I think installing Windows Live Mail on my old XP computer trying to transfer the contacts from Outlook made the multiple listings. It seems to have found all of my old contacts under Outlook, and Outlook Express which I haven't used for years and didn't even know was still on that computer. After deleting and merging the multiple contacts, I don't think Windows Live Mail is syncing with my contacts on the Treo or exchange server. There doesn't seem to be any calendar to sync with in Windows Live Mail. I might just have to break down and buy Outlook that will work with Vista.
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