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    I gave the 800w a fair shot but went back to the 755p. Sound quality is just way too poor on the 800w (speaker + earpiece). The 800w in no way close to the stability of the 755p. The battery life is not acceptable in the 800w. While the compatability with Outlook is better with windows mobile - I still cant justify staying with the 800w. If your number one "thing" is the phone / contacts and calandar go with the 755p. Use the 800w for a few months and then go back to a 755p and you will instantly understand what I mean by poor sound quality.... my .02$
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    by the way, when I say the 755p is more stable than the 800w- I say this as a user who does not add any extra software. I have used almost every phone out there since smartphones came out and if you really use your smartphone you will agree that adding "stuff" just causes problems....
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    Happy trails to you RickTreo650, which I mean sincerely.

    I came from the T650 to the 800w. Can't say I've found the 800w to be the beacon of happiness, but is does offer some features not in the T650. However what burns me even more than the stability issues in the 800w, is Palm's avoidance (GPS), spinning (soft reset while on USB causes hangs, called a "feature") and just general turn from the 800w (no wired 3.5mm jack ever made). I've still got the 800w for now, but I can't say I'll be moving to anything by Palm after seeing how they've done with the 800w.

    This same company used to do SO MUCH better.
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    So much better???

    Early 650s were a disaster as well. Sound quality was even worse than the 800 and it took 6 months for an update after release.

    This is the same crap that has been going on for years.

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    Rick, funny you say the sound quality was horrible. When I said that in many threads a few members on this board said mine is defective. Even funnier is I had 3 devices and all had the same problem. So I can totally understand, you gave it a shot and didn't work out. I gave the 800 three shots and didn't work out. No biggie, it was fun.
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